New to Oxford?

If you are new to Oxford, here are some tips on other useful libraries, finding your way around and interesting events in the city.

Other libraries in Oxford:

Members of Nuffield College can access other Oxford University libraries with their University Card. Many of these fall under the umbrella term The Bodleian Libraries which includes the central Bodleian Library (reference only) and departmental libraries, most of which you can borrow from.

The Bodleian Social Science Library is the University’s main library for the social sciences, all members of Nuffield may register to borrow.

St. Antony’s College Library is also open to members of Nuffield and is particularly strong in the field of International Relations. Opening hours are 09:00-13:00, 14:00-17:00 Monday to Friday but please call or email before your first visit.

Please note that other college libraries are primarily for the use of their own members, if a college library has the only copy of a book in Oxford, they may admit you to consult it, but please always contact the library first.

Finding your way around:

Oxford Collection

The Oxford Collection

First of all, consult the Oxford Collection which is in the 1st floor lobby of the library, here you will find maps and guidebooks as well as histories of Oxford and novels set in the city.

mobile oxford Android app.

There is also an interactive map of the University online and, when you are out and about, you can use Mobile Oxford which has a mobile-friendly website and Android and iPhone apps. Both services show libraries, colleges, departments and public transport information.

What’s on:

Details of lectures and seminars can be found in the termly supplement to Oxford University Gazette, published in 0th week. Here is the lecture list for Michaelmas Term 2015.

Oxford University Events lists lectures, concerts, exhibitions and more all of which are open to the public.

Interesting Talks in Oxford is similar but offers the option to sort by category.

Daily Info (printed version in the Lodge) contains listings of events, classified ads, reviews of local restaurants and just about anything else you can think of!

Anything else?

Ask a member of Library staff!


About Nuffield College Library

We are a social sciences library serving Nuffield College and the University of Oxford
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