Nuffield College Library at Oxford Open Doors 2015

Grant of Viscountcy

Lord Nuffield’s Grant of Viscountcy, 1937 [LN 13/5*]

On Saturday the 12th of September, Nuffield College Library was open to the public as part of the Oxford Open Doors weekend.

Visitors were free to explore the library and learn about our work. There was an exhibition by Library staff on the life of Lord Nuffield (which, at the time of writing, is still available to view in the first floor corridor).

Display panel on Morris Motors

Display panel on Morris Motors

This was comprised of scanned material from our archives (photographs, letters and ephemera) and focused on various aspects of Lord Nuffield’s life. The picture on the left shows the panel on Morris Motors (the company founded by William Morris in 1912) includes pictures of the assembly line, Morris’ handwritten notes suggesting improvements to the “Morris Cowley” model and an enemy aerial spy photograph of the company’s Cowley factory.

Also on display were Lord Nuffield’s Grant of Viscountcy (see image at the top of this post) and his donation book, open to the “Oxford University” page. On the right hand page, sixth line from the top, you can see the donation of £1,000,000 for the founding of Nuffield College (over £63,000,000 in today’s money).

Lord Nuffield's donation book

Lord Nuffield’s donation book [LN 47]

The event was a success, attracting 361 visitors, who were very enthusiastic about the Library and views from the 10th floor of the Tower. A number of people had their own stories to tell us about their meetings and experiences with Lord Nuffield.

Lord Nuffield ExhibitionLord Nuffield Exhibition

To consult any of the Library’s archive material on Lord Nuffield, please contact A full catalogue of the Lord Nuffield papers can be found on our website.


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