General Election 2015: resources

As the race to the 2015 General Election begins in earnest, we have compiled a selection of online resources for keeping up to date with election news, analysis and predictions:

Conversation election 2015 – The Conversation is an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community and delivered direct to the public.  They have a specific section on matters relating to the General Election, including a Fact Check where academic experts check claims made by the various political parties.

British Election Study – The British Election Study (BES) is one of the longest running election studies world-wide and the longest running social science survey in the UK. It has made a major contribution to the understanding of political attitudes and behaviour over nearly sixty years. Surveys have taken place immediately after every general election since 1964. The first study conducted by David Butler and Donald Stokes in 1964, transformed the study of electoral behaviour in the UK. Since then the BES has provided data to help researchers understand changing patterns of party support and election outcomes.

LSE general election 2015 – The LSE General Election blog promotes debate, discussion and analysis of UK general election trends, on the countdown to Election Day on 7 May 2015.

Polling Matters, an independent, non-partisan podcast from Rob Vance and Keiran Pedley, providing expert polling news and analysis, with guests, in the run up to the General Election.

election-forecast-sidebarElection Forecast UK, a forecasting model combining data provided by YouGov with all publicly released national and constituency polls, historical election results, and data from the UK Census, run by Chris Hanretty (University of East Anglia), Benjamin Lauderdale (LSE) and Nick Vivyan (Durham University).

May2015 run by the New Statesman.  Their Poll of Polls keeps track of every poll being published by the UK’s major pollsters and averages them over time, weighing them by everything from time to track record.  The data includes nearly 4,500 polls, going all the way back to August 1970.  Really interesting is “The Drilldown” which allows you to analyse publically available polls, understand who thinks what, and see how opinion has changed since the start of the coalition.

Election Analysis – from the Centre for Economic Performance, a series of background briefings considering some of the UK’s key policy battlegrounds, including immigration, austerity, living standards, business, Europe, health, education, crime, inequality, regional policy, climate change and energy, housing and planning, infrastructure, and gender.  Earlier analyses of other elections are available: including the 2010 and 2005 UK General Election, the 2012 US Presidential Election, European Elections and Scottish Referendum.

BBC 2015 election page, offering news, a poll tracker, features & analysis and live daily updates on new items/stories as they break.

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Elections etc – election forecasting from Steve Fisher (Trinity College, Oxford) and Jonathan Jones.

Manifesto check from The Conversation UK and Alliance for Social Scientists to get involved in checking on the different parties’ claims and manifestos.  Using experts from a range of academic disciplines, they scrutinise the claims and promises made by the main political parties.

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