Explore your archive week – 10th-16th November 2014

As part of ‘Explore your archive week 2014’, this post looks at the archive collections at Nuffield College Library, taking in some of the smaller, quirkier collections.  The archives are used for a wide range of research: family and corporate history, the two World Wars and as a valuable resource for political, economic and social history and development.  For more information on any of the archives, or to enquire about visiting them, please visit our homepage.

A miscellaneous collection of documentation relating to and about trade unions in various African nations, 1949 to 1969. The documents vary from constitutions to publications, press cuttings to legislation and manifestos to speeches. Most of the documents are in English, but some are in French. The countries covered include Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda, Gambia, Angola, Botswana, Swaziland and Sierre Leone. The main trade unions include the Railway African Union (Kenya), All African Trade Union Federation, Confedération Syndicale Africaine, Ghana T.U.C., Nigerian T.U.C. and Union Nationale des Travailleurs Sénégalais (Senegal).
This is a transcript of an interview with the poet and activist by Patrick Renshaw, giving an account of his work with the Industrial Workers of the World and his trial for conspiracy against the US government in 1917/18.
First page of Charles Ashleigh interview, Ashleigh file, Small collection

First page of Charles Ashleigh interview, Ashleigh file, Small collection

Thomas Attwood (1783-1856)
This collection is photocopies of various speeches and letters by this politician and currency theorist, between 1812 and 1840.
Hugh Dalton (1887-1962)
These papers are a small collection of his correspondence between 1939 and 1944, many relating to the Special Operations Executive and political warfare.
Francis was an economist and statistician who made major contributions to both economic and statistical theory.  He was a prolific writer, with a total of more than 500 books, articles, essays, and book reviews, including ‘Mathematical physics’ and ‘Papers relating to political economy’.  The collection has sections on journalism (1882-1934), correspondence & testimonials (1869-1926) and his papers and monographs (1886-1926), along with the Big Book.
Professor Feinstein’s great academic achievement was to calculate the size and structure of the British economy from the time of the Industrial Revolution to the present day.  The  results of this project were published in 1972 as ‘National Income, Expenditure and Output of the United Kingdom, 1855-1965’. The papers relating to this work are included in section A of the archive.  Also covered in this collection are papers relating to Feinstein’s specialist work ‘Studies in capital formation in the United Kingdom, 1750-1920’,  a collaborative work edited by himself and Sidney Pollard.  The papers, entitled ‘Gross domestic fixed capital formation’, are found in section B.
This collection contains material about how Oxford students, workers etc., and the wider population, took part in and were affected by the General Strike of 3-13 May 1926. It contains leaflets, articles, bulletins and newspaper cuttings.
Ernest Jones (1819-1869)
He was a prominent figure in the Chartist movement.  He wrote numerous poems and novels, including the Battle Day, the Revolt of Hindostan, the Maid of Warsaw, Woman’s Wrongs and the Painter of Florence.  This collection consists of correspondence and newspaper cuttings about Jones.
The National Agricultural Labourers Union (NALU) was founded by Joseph Arch, a Methodist preacher and British labour leader, in 1872 and he served as its president until it was dissolved in 1896. This collection includes records, minute book, photographs and a banner.
P.4 Banner photo, National Agricultural Labourer's Union collection

P.4 Banner photo, National Agricultural Labourer’s Union collection

P.10 Songs for singing at Agricultural Labourers’ meetings
 P.10 Songs for singing, National Agricultural Labourer’s Union collection
Robert Owen (1771-1858)
In this small archive collection of this social reformer and emancipationist there are a few manuscript letters, some typescript balance sheets from the mill at New Lanark and some notes (dated 1833) and tokens for exchange stores issued by the Birmingham Branch of the National Equitable Labour Exchange.  A run of ‘The new moral world’ is available for the years 1834-40, and followers of Owen represented in the collection include William Pare, Alexander Campbell, Edward Thomas Craig, John Finch, William King (not King of Brighton) and John Minter Morgan.  Nuffield College Library also has quite a collection of printed writings by and about Robert Owen, of which there is a list at the end of the handlist of this collection.
Owen, 2, Note for exchange stores, from the National Equitable Labour Exchange, Birmingham Branch

Owen, 2, Note for exchange stores, from the National Equitable Labour Exchange, Birmingham Branch

Owen, 3 View of New Lanark

Owen, 3 View of New Lanark

This collection of papers contains material on the National Minority Movement (1928-1931), London Industrial Council, Meerut prisoner’s case & T.U.C. and the General Strike, (1926-1933), Friends of Soviet Russia, London Engineering Joint Trades Committee, A.E.U. & E.T.U., (1919-1930), Metal workers, Syndicalism & conferences (1920-1921) and National Metalworkers’ Minority Movement, Second Congress of the Communist International Report, Industrial Workers of the World & anti-militarism etc., (1909-1941).
Trotskyist (1937-1954)
This is a collection of material dating mainly from the 1940s and early 1950s and consists of internal bulletins, leaflets, conference papers and a little correspondence.  The main parties covered in the material are the Socialist Workers’ Party (USA), Socialist Workers’ Group, Revolutionary Workers’ League: USA and the Revolutionary Communist Party.  There is also material from various publications, including the ‘Socialist review’ and ‘Workers’ international news’.  At the end of the collection is a miscellaneous collection of European, non-European and British newspapers from the same time period.
IV 4.6 Party organiser Nov 1947

Trotskyist collection IV 4.6 Party organiser Nov 1947


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