Open Access @ Oxford

In July 2012, the UK government accepted recommendations made in the Finch Report. Since then, Research Councils UK has responded, developing and implementing a new Open Access policy, with an associated funding mechanism.

It is important that you check what the requirements of your funding body are, as it may affect which journal you select for publishing. The conditions that some journals place on open access might clash with criteria set by funding bodies. There is a database tool called SHERPA/FACT that may assist you in checking this.

What is Open Access?

  • Free online access to publicly-funded research (specifically journal articles and conference papers)
  • Less restrictive copyright and licensing issues

Why should we do it?

  • Publicly-funded research will be visible to tax payers
  • Wider access to research (no longer just university-affiliated individuals benefiting from journal subscriptions)
  • Increased visibility and impact
  • Increased freedom of use and opportunities for collaboration.
  • Open Access enables data mining.

The models

Gold: Pay an article processing charge (APC) to have immediate open access to the print-ready article on the publisher’s website. Journals may be fully open access or hybrid, where only paid-for articles are open access.
The bad newsAPCs can be prohibitively expensive and institutions risk paying twice (APC and subscription fees)

GreenNo charge for article publication. Publish in subscription journal as normal, but deposit or self-archive the accepted manuscript/post-print/author version of the article in an open-access repository, e.g. the Oxford Research Archive. Check the journal’s policy on conditions for deposit first.
The bad newsPublishers may place restrictions on copyright/licensing, e.g. embargo periods (which can be impractically lengthy).

University of Oxford’s position

First and foremost Oxford is committed to maintaining academic freedom of choice. Read the University’s OA statement.

How to decide where to publish

More information & useful links


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