Electronic Legal Deposit

You may have noticed some new search tabs in SOLO recently:


From left to right:

Oxford Collections – use this for searching for books and electronic resources

Articles & More – use this for searching for journal articles (will link to full text where available)

Electronic Legal Deposit [NEW] – the Bodleian Library (as well as the other Legal Deposit Libraries in the UK & Ireland) may now have access to ebooks and ejournals published in the UK. This is called Electronic Legal Deposit (eLD). There are quite a few restrictions on the use of these materials – for instance they may only be consulted on Library PCs in the reading rooms of the Bodleian Libraries and they are limited to single user access. Use this tab to search such material – but be aware that alternate physical and electronic copies may be available! Full details can be found on the SOLO guide here.

You can recognise eLD resources by the restriction notice below the title:


Search Everything [NEW] – as its name implies, this will search across the previous three tabs, i.e. Oxford’s print and electronic collections, journal articles and eLD items.


About Nuffield College Library

We are a social sciences library serving Nuffield College and the University of Oxford
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