Research at Nuffield (and other Oxford libraries) this July

This summer, Oxford is switching to a new “Library Management System” that will improve the tools staff use to provide access to library materials. This will require a downtime period while the change is implemented. This blog post describes which resources will be affected and what impact this will have on a visit to Nuffield. Wherever possible, we recommend planning ahead and organising your research around this downtime. Should you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

Expected downtime: 17:00 on Thursday 7th July – 09:00 on Friday 22nd July

Affected resources and services

SOLO: A basic version of SOLO will be available throughout most of the scheduled downtime. It will allow you to consult library location details for an item, but not show availability status. Thus, you can tell whether Nuffield owns a certain book, but not whether it is currently on the shelves. We will do our best to help you find items despite this limitation. SOLO is expected to be completely down from 3pm on Thursday 21 July to 9am on Friday 22 July (the end of the downtime).

Patron functions (OLIS): Links to your “patron record” through OLIS will be unavailable for the entire downtime and you will be unable to renew your books. Fortunately, no Nuffield items will be due during this period! Most other Oxford libraries will probably do the same.

Password resets (OLIS): It will not be possible for us to reset your OLIS password during the downtime, so please make sure you know your details beforehand.

Automatic Stack Requests (ASRs): ASRs cannot be made during the downtime period. Nuffield College Library does not use stack requests, but you may want to note this for any research you are doing at other Oxford libraries. Requests made after 17:00 on Thursday 7th July will not be fulfilled. More information is available here.

Recalls and reservations: Unfortunately, the system will not accept recalls or reservations for the entire downtime.

Unaffected resources and services

Electronic resourcesOxLIP+ (for electronic databases) and OU eJournals will be available throughout the downtime. Electronic resources may provide a valuable alternative to print resources during the downtime. Let us know if you need any help navigating them.

Book and inter-library loan requests: Both books and inter-library loans may be requested as usual (by College members) from our website. Please note, however, that we cannot process new book arrivals until after the downtime, so if you need anything urgently, please request it well before July 7th.

Visiting Nuffield

Checking out and returning books

You can still check out and return books to Nuffield College Library as normal, although we will be using a temporary system with limited functionality. After hours, College members will use an alternative to the self-issue system. Please note that no books will be due during the downtime and that our hours for external readers (in keeping with our regular summer hours) are 13:30-17:30, Monday-Friday.


You are very welcome to register as a new reader at Nuffield during the downtime, but if you are entitled to borrow, we will not be able to activate this aspect of your membership until July 22nd. In the interim, you would have access to all our regular facilities.


About Nuffield College Library

We are a social sciences library serving Nuffield College and the University of Oxford
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