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Here at Nuffield College Library we are constantly finding websites that support innovative research in the social sciences. We collect these links on Delicious. Delicious is a “social bookmarking” site, which basically means it’s a way of widely sharing your Internet bookmarks. Plus, it has a variety of features, such as tagging, that we make active use of. As of March 21, 2011, we have 300 bookmarks, all fully described.

Our complete collection of bookmarks can be found here:

Our latest Delicious bookmarks

Our latest Delicious bookmarks (click to enlarge)

As shown more closely in the example below, each bookmark has a title (with the accompanying hyperlink) and a short description of what can be found on the site. Beneath that are one or more tags that describe the link’s content even more succinctly. You can click on these tags to be taken to a list of other links in our collection with the same tags. This is a highly useful way to aggregate all the links on, say, politics.

An example of one of our Delicious entries

An example of one of our Delicious entries

All of our tags are shown on the bar on the right-hand side. Here you can see our most used tags, such as data (with 37 links to date) and archives (17 to date). Below that is a list of all our tags, in alphabetical order. Combine these to find exactly the type of site you’re looking for.

By default, our bookmarks are listed with the most recent first. However, you can sort them in a variety of other ways. Simply click on “display options” in the top right corner to be given the option to sort by level of detail in the description or alphabetical by title. You can also control how many bookmarks appear on each page.

You do not need to be a member of Delicious to visit our site or make use of the links. However, if you are and would like to save any of them to your own collection, simply log in and click on “save” after the item’s title.

Delicious has been in the news recently because it is expected to be sold by parent company Yahoo. However, it is not anticipated that any of its core features will be lost. Should its appearance change significantly, we will update this post.

As ever, please let us know if you have any feedback on our links, or suggestions for something we might add.


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