The Data Library

The Data Library is a fantastic resource located at Nuffield College. This service is available to all social scientists at the University of Oxford. Its purpose is to store and facilitate access to many important socio-economic datasets from all over the world and the wealth of data that these contain. The Data Library has a wide range of British, European, American and multi-national surveys that allow for analysis within and comparisons between countries. Subjects covered in the data are diverse and span the disciplines of the social sciences. A number of longitudinal and continuous surveys allow comparisons over time.

To view a complete list, see the holdings here. Each entry gives a brief description of the dataset, with links to further information and documentation. The datasets themselves are access-restricted, and are available on the Data Library server once permission is granted. Please contact the Data Services Manager Jane Roberts for a Data Library account and advice on licensing arrangements.

Holdings on the Data Library's website

Holdings on the Data Library’s website

Jane also provides support to those who will be using data for their research. She  can help with searching for and acquiring data, negotiating contracts with providers, mounting and converting data, and advice on data management.

To stay current on newly added datasets, you can subscribe to a mailing list with regular updates. Information on joining can be found here.

The Data Library is also now on WordPress! Visit this brand new blog here.


About Nuffield College Library

We are a social sciences library serving Nuffield College and the University of Oxford
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